Friday, 3 December 2010

Project update - Sci fi

The project moves forward, now I got some pictures of props and interiors (that aren't hallways).

So far so good, I've learned a lot about Udk since last time, how to get proper shadows and how to work better in a modular way (and how to construct more efficient modules). So far thank you CG textures for the abundant mass of textures to sample and rebuild into the materials. All content is made by me, nothing taken from UDK's packages (at least not any longer ;D).

EDIT: Ill go ahead and post a link of me running in it on my livestream (NOISEWARNING)

Not all tries end in success

Well I did want to participate in this years pre-dominance war contest but I managed to screw up my own concept planning. I did have one I intended to work with but thanks to the advice of my buddies I ended up remaking it to break my comfort zone (and I'm not meaning that in sarcastic or bad way). Lesson learned that I should take more time to concept ahead, anyway I think I'll go ahead and post what concepts that managed to see the light of day before being put 6 feet under.
These above were the first ones, stayed too far with concepts I overuse

And this was the one I ended with, the futuristic arachnoid soldier/general thingy. It never got quite finished either.