Sunday, 29 April 2012

Qin Shi Huang Soldier

Yesterday I finally finished up the work sample I was working on, It was quite a fun project to work on and as always a nice learning experience as well. I'm glad it also helped me get better at updating this blog a bit more regularly. Now though I'm back to my thesis writing and hopefully some time can be spent on my entry for the game artisan competition.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lynx Viking + I got a combo going

Feels good to actually have been able to make something each day to put up on the blog. Think I'm going to keep it going, no reason to stop the combo! Nowadays I'm mainly busy with two things, my dissertation/thesis and jobs searching/work sampling. But feeling an upwards swing I think I'm actually going to take some more work on, feels good having stuff to do. So I saw that Game Artisans were holding a new competition, the last one was one of the first I managed to participate in and also complete, so now I'm thinking of joining the new one. Yesterday I sat up late and worked on this concept of a Lynx viking, will be interesting!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Chinese warrior - p2

Continuing from the concept I posted last time, I've now gone ahead on the modeling part. Still lots of optimizing to do, but these are the parts that will be included. I got some triangles to spare, but I hope after the optimization that I'll be able to put in some extra things.

Chinese warrior

A work sample I'm currently working on, concept stage done, now to get some modeling done.