Thursday, 20 September 2012

Graduated and back in the fray

Finally I've graduated, just waiting for that final approval from school and they'll send me my degree!

It's such a relief too, I was hoping I could juggle portfolio work along with the thesis writing, but life tends to give you other plans. But now it's done, and with that I've been working to get back in the art groove and job searching. As for game art I've now begun to work on environment art aimed at RTS games, so huts away!

First I began with the concepting of course, as in the spirit of the ANNO games, which I love, I thought the design should revolve around the plot in stages. Think a building which goes through stages from mud pile, camp, hut and so forth until it's a proper mansion in itself.

I also did some low poly blocking beforehand to explore a few options of buildings to make, I will probably do more if I decide to do more buildings, but for now I settled on the hut. 

Now this hut I've taken the farthest, it consists of 3 components with its own texture space. The building, the ground "anchor", and the doodahs (which means props I guess, seen it a lot in old game editors). The ide of splitting it up like that was to enable the doodahs to be reused in other building slots as well as giving the option of reposing the plot to give an alternate version of it. Stylewise I'm going for a handpainted style, the hut currently takes 400 tris, the ground 40 and the doodahs 415 triangles.

Going to continue working on it tomorrow, curious how big a village I could end up making :D

Oh, and if you're one of the 1-2 people coming by, do comment! Or critique! I appreciate both equally.

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