Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Back to the battlements

Yay, finally the theoretic part of my thesis is done. But now I finally can do what I've been longing for, the actual art. Now this project I'm starting work on will be a quasi-medieval/fantasy village or outpost. It's both for the continuation of my thesis work, and will be a nice addittion to my portfolio as assets gets finished.

(As for what this wall-resting construction could be, I guess a merchant stand or maybe some sort of stable.)

Now here we have todays work, at first it started with a sculpt and texturing of a wooden bar, it then evolved into some modular practice. The construction is made from the single model texture and with all the bits and pieces its at about 900 tris, something I think I'll be able to cut down quite a bit if I give it another round of optimizing. But todays biggest timesink I guess was figuring out UDK lightmaps, something I'll have to rework in that model since it could only apply a very basic variant of it.

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